A fuel pump is one of the essential components of an internal combustion engine.


For Fuel Pump Parts manufacturing, we have the following machining process solutions:


  1. Internal Grinding: Micron
  2. Turning: Shimada
  3. External / Cylindrical Grinding / Centerless: Micron, Ohmiya
  4. Angular Grinding: Micron, Kondo
  5. Honing: Nissin
  6. Small Hole Drilling: Kira
  7. Hard Turning: Fuji
Machining ProcessManufacturersType of Equipment
TurningShimadaMulti-Spindle Turning Center
DrillingKiraS.P.M. / Machining Center
OD GrindingMicronGrinding Machine
ID GrindingMicronGrinding Machine
Angular GrindingKondo / ShigiyaAngular Grinding Machine
Centerless GrindingMicron / OhmiyaCenterless Grinding Machine
Multimedia Asset (Click to View)
Shimada - Video
Kira - Video
Micron - Video
Shigiya - Video
Nissin - Slideshow