A gear is a rotating machine part having cut teeth, which mesh with another toothed Gear to transmit torque. Geared devices can change the speed, torque, and direction at the delivery point.


For Gear manufacturing, we have the following machining process solutions:


  1. Turning: Shimada, Fuji
  2. Hard Turning: Fuji
  3. Hobbing: Kashifuji, Seiwa
  4. Shaping: Karatsu
  5. Shaving: Kanzaki
  6. Teeth Grinding: Kanzaki
  7. Skiving: Nachi, Seiwa
  8. Honing: Seiwa
  9. Deburring & Chamfering: Sanyo, Senjo-Seiki
  10. Roll Forming: Nachi Fujikoshi
  11. Broaching: Nachi, Sanyo
Machining ProcessManufacturersType of Equipment
Turning Machines ShimadaCNC Multispindle Automats
Hobbing Kashifuji, Seiwa, HamaiTurning Machine
ShapingKaratsu, Nachi-FujikoshiShaping Machines
ShavingKanzakiShaving Machines
Gear Teeth GrindingKanzaki, SeiwaGear Grinding Machines
Gear Teeth Honing Kanzaki, SeiwaGear Honing Machines
DeburringSanyo, Senjo-SeikiDeburring Machine
SkivingKashifujiSkiving Machine
Hob Cutter GrindingKashifuji, SeiwaGrinding Machine
Spline Roll FormingNachi-FujikoshiRoll Forming Machine
Multimedia Asset (Click to View)
Shimada - Video
Karatsu - Video
Nachi-Fujikoshi - Video
Kanzaki - Video
Sanyo Deburring & Chamfering Machine - Video
Senjo-Seiki - Video