In the automotive industry, engineering, locomotive and mining sectors, Diesel and Petrol engines are an important area and Cylinder Block is one of the important parts in 5C components in any engine. An engine block is a structure that contains the cylinders and other parts, of an internal combustion engine.


For Cylinder Block manufacturing, we have the following machining process solutions:


  1. Patterns: Taguchi Pattern Works Limited (TPWL)
  2. Milling, Drilling & Fine Boring: Homma, Kira, Kuraki, Sakurai Complete machining line
  3. Oil Hole: Miroku Drilling


Machining ProcessManufacturersType of Equipment
Rough Milling-Drilling, TappingHomma, Kuraki, Kira Machining Centers
Oil Hole Drilling MirokuGun Drilling Machine
Fine BoringSakurai, Kuraki, KiraSpecial Machines, Machining Centers
Assembly, CleaningNachi / ShibayamaAutomation, Robotic
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Kuraki - Video
Sakurai - Video